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Easy Seasonal Cleansing the Ayurvedic Way

Jan 30, 2012 09:29PM ● By Lisa Belisle

Ayurveda, which means “the knowledge of life,” is the traditional healing science of India that emphasizes the maintenance of harmony and balance as the means to a state of optimal health in our bodies and minds. As the seasons transition, especially from winter into spring, many traditions, including Ayurveda, recommend cleansing the body. Ayurveda provides a nourishing and effective approach to cleansing that seeks to maintain and restore balance and harmony. Seasonal cleanses ensure regularly scheduled intervals at which people can reestablish healthy routines that may have been thrown out of balance. In addition, ayurvedic cleansing is designed to remove the toxic byproducts formed by inadequate digestion that clog the body’s systems and damages its tissues.

Western medicine concurs that what a person eats may have the greatest impact on overall health, especially that of the colon. Most Americans ingest less than half of the amount of fiber recommended daily. Ayurvedic cleanses incorporate a regimented diet of whole foods that support the body’s natural purification as a natural way to restore balance. The diet should contain complete servings of fiber and protein to keep the body satisfied between meals. Herbs and spices are included, not only to add flavor, but also to stimulate the detoxification and fat-burning processes. Most clients report getting the beneficial results of cleansing without the discomfort they’ve experienced with other products or processes.

Hot oil treatments are another purification tool used in Ayurveda. The ancient ayurvedic curative known as shirodhara involves applying medicinal oil to the forehead. This treatment acts to calm the mind and reduce stress and negative emotion, all common blocks to weight loss. Another, called abhyanga, is the application of oil to the body, in order to hydrate the skin and reduce cellulite.

When considering any type of cleanse, be sure to study the possible risks and side effects of the treatment and work with a qualified health professional to ensure safe, comfortable and effective results.

Lisa Belisle is a clinical nutritionist, ayurvedic practitioner and the owner of Life Without Pain, LLC, which offers mainstream and ayurvedic nutritional counseling, health products, supplements and treatments. Prepared packages containing everything needed for ayurvedic cleanses are available. Belisle also gives lectures and workshops within the community. For more information, call 262-744-1553 or visit

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