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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

June 2012 Publisher Letter

May 31, 2012 04:38PM

Welcome to our first anniversary issue! It’s been both an exciting and rewarding adventure thanks to all of you—our enthusiastic and supportive readers, advertisers, distributors and contributors. Together, we now reach over 30,000 readers each month, offering positive messages of natural health and sustainability, while helping to build a mutual network that benefits our area’s expanding holistic and green-living communities.

If you’re like me, you’re always up for discovering special vacation spots that encourage you to unplug from the virtual reality of the Internet and plug into real-life experiences that relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Connecting with ourselves, friends, family and nature in locations such as those Judith Fertig highlights in our feature article, “Healthy Escapes: Unplugged Getaways Rebalance Our Lives,” is bound to be both amazing and healthy.

I recently spent a few weeks traveling abroad and, although I was still working remotely (magazine deadlines don’t stop), a highlight of the trip for me was that I wasn’t tethered to my Blackberry. During those first few days, every time I had a free moment, I found myself reaching into my purse for my phone; it happened when I was waiting for friends to join me in a restaurant, while stuck in traffic and even on the beach. I realized how habit-forming technology can be and vowed to relearn the joy of just sitting with myself in silence. When we allow it, we find that we can be pretty good company for ourselves.

So I changed my rhythms and rediscovered the exhilaration of disconnecting during the day in order to be fully in the moment; I allowed myself to totally enjoy the experiences at hand. One reason I could disengage from technology so fully is because I’d already set aside defined times to turn on my laptop and engage in work.

Our June issue also includes a special focus on men’s wellness, with a supply of information ranging from maintaining hormone health to the benefits of kayaking to stay fit.

As we kick off our second year publishing Natural Awakenings of Milwaukee, I thank you all for your ongoing support, enthusiasm and encouragement as we continue this fabulous journey together. Each day presents fresh opportunities to connect with amazing, dedicated people who work hard to bring health and sustainability to our community, and beyond.

Thank you for being part of the adventure. We can’t wait to see what our second year brings!

Feel good, live simply, laugh more,

Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher

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