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THRIVE! Life Services Relocates to Brookfield

Patty Jackson

THRIVE! Life Services, which has relocated to Brookfield, promises, “inspiration and education for caring people who are ready to grow through life coaching, classes and a life coach certification program.”

“Inspiration is the fuel that moves us forward in life,” affirms Life Coach Patty Jackson, who owns THRIVE! Life Services and adds that, like exercise, inspiration requires regular practice. “Students from our class, Creating an Intentional Week, notice that their lives are fuller and richer and challenges are easier to address, because they take the time weekly to get clear on their intentions and listen to their inspiration.”

To find inspired action, Jackson recommends taking five minutes per day to get quiet and acknowledge the breath, thoughts and heart with gratitude. Then, ask the heart, “What is important to me today?” Write down the answer in order to slow your thoughts down enough to allow for clarity on the desire to emerge. Next, ask yourself, “What is one step I can take in the direction of this desire?”

“No answer is as good as a quick answer,” Jackson notes, adding, “If you have an answer, act upon it. The more you get to know your inspiration and realize the life-giving results of following it, the easier it gets; it is an exercise that is well worth the effort.”

Location: 240 Regency Ct., Ste. 201, Brookfield. For more information, call 262-364-9095 or visit

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