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Natural Therapeutics Adds Ayurveda

Feb 28, 2013 10:55AM

Rachel Warnock

Natural Therapeutics has hired Rachel Warnock to bring ayurvedic wellness consulting to the company’s menu of services. Owned by Debby Pomeroy, Natural Therapeutics has offered massage services for more than 20 years from its New Berlin location. Warnock is a recent graduate of the Maharishi University of Management.

Warnock addresses health issues that include the need to lower blood sugar and pressure, boost the immune system, reduce arthritic pain and detoxify the body. “Periodic cleansing is quite important for overall health and wellness,” she explains. “Our bodies are exposed to so much on a regular basis that toxins build up in our systems. Cleansing helps to curb that accumulation, which in turn helps the body to run smoothly. Spring is the best time to do a cleanse.” Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest systems of medicine and healthcare, has its origins in India and advocates specific diets, lifestyle choices, herbs, periodic cleansing and massage.

Location: 14155 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin. For more information, call 262-796-1195.

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