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Thurow Primary Preventive Offers First Line Therapy

Thurow Primary Preventive Healthcare is now offering First Line Therapy (FLT), a medically supported program designed to optimize healthy energy production, decrease fat and increase muscle, support healthy blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of chronic health problems. The program includes seven appointments over 12 weeks, which can be scheduled with a friend or loved one to enhance results. After the scheduled program concludes, a free, ongoing FLT group supports continued success.

The FLT program comprises a body impedance analysis (BIA) at the start of the program, as well as follow-up BIAs to track progress, personalized consultations to address meal planning, stress management and nutritional supplementation; a 10 percent discount on Metagenics supplements and medical food; and comprehensive, evidence-based medical support to achieve your health goals and maintain them for a lifetime. Most insurance carriers cover the cost of the program, and a 30 percent discount is offered for cash payment.

Through the FLT program, Thurow provides therapeutic lifestyle changes that can effectively reduce or eliminate the symptoms of chronic health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome, stress-related disorders, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

For more information, call 262-242-3966 or find Thurow Primary Preventative Healthcare on Facebook.

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