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Psychotherapist Releases Guide to Transformative Astrology

Mar 03, 2014 04:49PM

Susan Wasserman, a psychotherapist with Inner Journeys for 23 years and a student of astrology for 40, has released her first book, The Celestial Chorus Within: A Guide to Using Astrology, Psychology and the 12 Archetypal Energies to Facilitate Awareness and Personal Transformation. Complete with color images, the book provides in-depth descriptions of the 12 signs of the zodiac, as well as an overview of the nature of the planets and houses within the astrology chart. Also included are chapters on energetic components of the chart, interceptions and retrograde planets. The text offers a friendly introduction to readers new to astrology as well as unique perspectives and information for more advanced students of the study.

Using the rich symbolism woven into astrology, The Celestial Chorus Within brings to life 12 archetypal characters and energies that sing, dance and dialogue within each of us. As we come to recognize the cast of characters within ourselves, we realize our profound complexity and uniqueness. Written from the perspective that we are conscious beings unfolding, this exploration of astrology facilitates empathy, compassion and acceptance towards others and ourselves as the embodiment of shadow and light, tension and ease and tendencies that are veiled or apparent. It also illuminates patterns that can be transformed.

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