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The Art of Flow Opens Readers to Intentional Creation

Freddie Zeringue, who has been a transformational coach and facilitator for more than 25 years, has released The Art of Flow in print and digitally. The book contains many of the vital principles he uses to help clients achieve breakthroughs in the areas of health, relationships, prosperity and personal well-being.

β€œThe point of the book is to bring people into a state of natural flow, where they are able to create their lives in a very dynamic way that overrides resistance and opens up space to let in the limitless bounty of creation,” says Zeringue, who is also the publisher of the Northeast Florida edition of Natural Awakenings magazine. β€œThe Art of Flow goes beyond The Secret and other books in the field to transform how we see ourselves and each other.”

The essentials of the book are practical explanations of familiar universal concepts, compatible with any spiritual path or set of personal beliefs. Zeringue illuminates how such principles work together to profoundly change and dynamically create our lives.

The book is available on and, which features a free audio supplement available for download.

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