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Nutritional Balancing Through Hair Test Analysis at Blooming Buds

Oct 02, 2014 04:38PM

Nataliya Runtova

Licensed acupuncturist Nataliya Runtova, owner of Blooming Buds Medicine, in Brookfield, has introduced to her clinic a new technique of deep healing that begins with hair test analysis. The test is designed to measure the mineral content of the hair, thus reflecting the mineral content of the body’s tissues in order to identify deficiencies. According to Runtova, Blooming Buds is the first wellness clinic in the Milwaukee area to offer such a test.

Mineral and nutritional imbalances can be detected and balanced for conditions such as depression, diabetes, thyroid and digestive disorders, headaches, hypertension and arthritis, according to Runtova, who has a master’s degree in Oriental medicine and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She believes that nutritional balancing offers myriad other benefits, including gentle detoxification, the restoration of the body and mind to their full potential, the removal of toxic metals and chemicals and an increase in the ability to resist disease.

Location: 333 Bishops Way, Ste. 121. For more information, call 414-350-8279, email [email protected] or visit

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