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Rolfworks Structural Integration Studio Offers Holistic Approach to Pain

Jan 05, 2015 06:41PM

Lynn Cohen

Certified Advanced Rolfer Lynn Cohen is offering special discounts for new clients at her Rolfworks Structural Integration studio, in Shorewood. By releasing connective tissue restrictions over a series of sessions, Rolfing helps to resolve patterns of chronic pain and movement restriction without medication or surgery.

“Even a minor fall on a patch of ice can jar our body enough to set off a pattern of compensation,” explains Cohen. “When we compensate for one area that isn’t adapting, there is something else that is working overtime to keep us moving. Over time, we may begin to feel crooked. Rolfing is manual therapy that establishes balance and fluidity between muscle groups, releases patterns of underuse/overuse and restores healthy functioning of joints, allowing us to enjoy movement with better coordination.”

Natural Awakenings readers receive $25 off. Location: 2017 E. Marion St. For more information, call 414-477-1033, email [email protected] or visit

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