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New Fermented Foods Company Aims for Digestive Health

Jeff Ziebelman, a maker of fermented foods, has partnered with registered dietician Betty Holloway to start the new fermented food company, Zymbiotics, LLC. According to Ziebelman, the company’s products, such as Jeff’s Zauerkraut (sauerkraut), Jeff’s Zimchi (kimchi) and Jeff’s Ginger Zarrots (fermented ginger carrots), not only add flavor to dishes, but are also prebiotic and probiotic, meaning they aid digestion and boost the immune system. Milwaukee retailers including Health Hut, Good Harvest Market, Riverwest Co-op and others are carrying the line.

ZymbioticsThe Zymbiotics team enjoys educating its customers via its website and in person at farmers’ markets, in-store demonstrations, classes and lectures. The company plans to introduce online videos that demonstrate cooking with fermented foods and will release a fermented foods cookbook with the goal of teaching people how to use more of these beneficial edibles in their diets and improve their health.

For more information, call 414-640-8660 or visit

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