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Dr. Bryan Schwartz Uses 
Biomimetic Methods 
to Protect Teeth

Apr 30, 2015 07:01AM ● By Sheila Julson

Dr. Bryan Schwartz

Always open to new ideas, Dr. Bryan Schwartz was intrigued to learn there are more effective ways to protect and save teeth than through the traditional drill-and-fill dental techniques used at most clinics. A desire for a more natural and personalized model of dental care set him upon the path to biomimetic dentistry, which focuses on conserving as much of the natural tooth as possible through minimally invasive techniques.

Schwartz, originally from Green Bay, was the first in his family to attend college. While attending the University of Minnesota, he had an eye toward a career in health care. After shadowing physicians and physical therapists, he narrowed his choice down to dentistry and achieved a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2002.

After school, he lived in several places, including Milwaukee, where he met his wife, Jaime. Being outdoor adventure enthusiasts, the couple ventured to Denver, Colorado, to explore the mountains and partake in camping and skiing. Schwartz practiced dentistry there for two years before the couple returned to Wisconsin.

Schwartz became part owner of a practice in Brookfield and in 2012, attended a continuing education class in California geared toward biomimetic dentistry. “After being in the class for just five minutes, I knew it was for me,” he recalls. The class instilled in him a desire to learn more about biomimetic dentistry as he slowly realized that traditional dental approaches were no longer for him, “I was in a growing, successful practice, but it was growing away from the philosophies I wanted,” says Schwartz.

In a quest to acquire a practice that more closely matched his ideas, Schwartz sent letters of introduction to other dental groups, initially focusing on the Milwaukee area. With the encouragement of a colleague, he extended his search to Port Washington, where he approached Dr. Steve Carini.

“It was fate. Steve said he initially threw my letter in the trash, but later dug it out and called me,” Schwartz chuckles. The two met for coffee and realized they had similar philosophies about their practice. Carini focused on holistic dentistry, also known as biological dentistry. He was nearing retirement and seeking to transition the practice to someone he trusted.

Schwartz joined Carini in November 2013 and now fully embraces biomimetic dentistry techniques. He uses crowns as an example of the difference between biomimetic and conventional dentistry methods. “With the traditional approach, you sacrifice a lot of healthy tooth structure. That always struck me as odd, to grind down a healthy tooth to fit a crown over it,” he explains. “Biomimetic means to mimic nature. We recreate the natural layers of the tooth. It’s effective, long-lasting and durable dentistry that prevents people from going through the typical dental cycle of filling—which eventually needs to be redone and can also lead to more invasive procedures like a crown or root canal. We’re using proven techniques to stop that cycle.”

Schwartz’s practice also offers ozone therapy, a safe alternative to antibiotics and chemicals to treat cavities, gum disease, infections and root canals. Ozonized water is also used to clean and disinfect the water lines for dental office tools. In addition, Schwartz uses laser therapy to treat gum disease and minor gum issues.   

“I was in a growing, successful practice, but it was growing away from the philosophies I wanted.”

Schwartz has noticed that people are becoming more educated about alternatives to invasive or unnecessary dental work. He gets patients from surrounding Midwest states willing to travel to his Port Washington office to receive biomimetic dental services. He even treated a family from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

With the goal to create a relaxed and personalized environment, Schwartz spends more than an hour with each new patient, getting to know them and their needs. He hopes to expand the practice as more people learn of naturally based dentistry. “We don’t push mercury fillings or fluoride, or any materials that are unsafe for people,” he says. “I also hope to help educate other dentists in biological and biomimetic dental practices. Natural dental practices are beneficial to everybody—not just people seeking holistic providers.”

Dr. Bryan Schwartz is located at 222 N. Franklin St., in Port Washington. For more information, call 262-284-2662 or visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.

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