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New Reiki Office in Whitefish Bay

Aug 01, 2015 03:37PM

Cindy Carlson

Energy healer and Reiki master Cindy Carlson has opened a new office at 121 East Silver Spring Drive, in Whitefish Bay. Carlson has been practicing Reiki for more than seven years, and invites people to experience the relaxation of energy healing.

"Reiki is growing in popularity as people are seeking out alternative therapies for their health,” observes Carlson. β€œTo experience a Reiki session is to give your body a wonderful gift of greater healing and balance. The effects can be felt on both the physical and emotional levels of the body.”

Reiki treatments can be used to help deal with stress and anxiety. Carlson says it is also beneficial in helping with depression, addictions and general life changes. Reiki relaxation can also complement treatments for health conditions including cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and more.

For more information, call 414-758-0657 or email [email protected].

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