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Boost the Immune System for Winter with a Fall Cleanse

Dr. Sarah Axtell

Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Axtell, owner of Lakeside Natural Medicine, will lead a four-week detoxification program from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays between October 13 and November 3. This gentle, non-fasting approach includes four strategic meetings with group support and educational lectures, recipe ideas, detoxification diet recommendations and optional, professional-grade detoxification supplements.

“There’s no doubt that we live in a toxic environment. Chemicals are found in household cleaners, pesticides and fungicides, tap water, car exhaust fumes, pharmaceuticals, beauty products and cigarette smoke,” says Axtell. “This places an incredible burden on our bodies—especially the liver and kidneys, our main organs of detoxification. The accumulation of toxins and toxic byproducts in our organs and tissues can have profound effects on our physiology.”

Location: 4433 N. Oakland Ave., Shorewood. For more information, call 414-939-8748 or visit

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