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Reiki Helps Remove Obstacles to Joy

May 31, 2016 01:43PM ● By Cindy Carlson

Happiness is subjective, so it’s not surprising that people can spend a lifetime searching for it. That search can take many forms and is usually focused on something external, such as a material possessions, a job title or a relationship. What they usually don’t realize is that happiness is internal, waiting to be uncovered.

This is where reiki, a noninvasive holistic healing technique, can help. Developed in Japan almost a century ago, and now practiced around the world, reiki involves a laying-on of hands (some practitioners use a no-touch method) in order to correct energetic blocks thought to be the cause of physical or emotional issues such as pain, anxiety, depression or chronic illness. These energetic blocks might comprise unexpressed emotions or negative thoughts or behavior patterns.

Reiki helps release these blocks gently and safely by allowing the body to relax at a very deep level, bringing it back into proper energetic alignment. The result is a more positive attitude and enhanced creativity. Just experiencing a reiki treatment can bring feelings of peace and joy.

People who are connected to their inner happiness attract experiences that often align perfectly with their own definition of happiness. That’s when it’s clear that happiness is not conditional, but is always available to those who tune in to it.

Cindy Carlson, a reiki master in the Milwaukee area, specializes in holistic healing techniques. For more information, call 414-758-0657 or visit

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