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Rolfing Helps Restore Lost Movement and Flexibility

Jun 30, 2016 04:03PM

Between youth and old age, people’s natural movements tend to change from carefree jumping and running to cautious stooping and shuffling. Rolfing Structural Integration is designed to identify and reverse the poor posture and limited movements that often come with age, says Valerie Berg, a certified advanced Rolfer and a member of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration faculty in Boulder, Colorado.

“Rolfing practitioners look at the movements people make and restrictions in the body that may create the feel and look of aging, which has more to do with how the body breaks down and can still be changed, rather than the number of years lived,” Berg says. “The fascia connective tissues respond to injuries and repetitive emotional and physical postures over the years by tightening, twisting and changing shape, which ends up restricting the easy movements we equate with youth and agility.”

Posture is not something to be forced into place, she notes. “Rolfing practitioners know how to work holistically with the fascia throughout the entire body in a sequential method to bring back naturally youthful mobility and movements.”

For more information, call the Rolf Institute at 303-449-5903 or visit

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