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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Letter from Publisher

Oct 29, 2016 12:38PM

Larry Levine, the president of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation, has often said, “There is only one truth, but there are many different paths to reach that truth, and many ways to express it. No single way is better or more right than the other.” It’s unfortunate that the 2016 U.S. Presidential election did not embrace such a philosophy, but instead encouraged Americans to feel that we should segregate ourselves into groups and identify as victims of others—all of whom are “evil aggressors.” Ironically, there is no real “other.” Rather, these are political manipulations that pigeonhole our identities and lead us into a false sense of separation in order to pull us over to one side.

Standing strongly in favor of humanity’s unity does not mean that we ignore the wrongs in the world, or that we should not act toward positive changes. However, true change and healing in our world will never come through separation, but instead depends on the recognition that we are all one as humans.

On September 23, Natural Awakenings lost our cherished Larry Levine to three types of stage 4 cancer. This loss was deeply heartfelt because Larry was truly heart-centered; one of the kindest, most generous and loving  people that I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Larry was much more than a colleague; he was a true friend, reminding me during times of struggle that I am a light in the world. Larry walked the talk and was passionate about making the world a better place. He lived a life of love, kindness and service to others and helped to make Natural Awakenings one of the nation’s largest natural living publications available. His beautiful soul continues to shine brightly through his son, Jacob, and the 95 Natural Awakenings magazine publishers who enlighten our communities.

As I bid farewell to my dear friend, I hope to honor him by sharing his blessings with us all.

Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher

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