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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

The Inner Voice Magazine 
Returns in Electronic Format

Apr 01, 2017 01:22PM

Published monthly, The Inner Voice (TIV) is a free, 24-page e-magazine filled with inspiration for healing the body, mind, spirit and house. TIV is a guiding light for people in search of “deeper” answers to their issues and offers ways to improve their life. Known as “A Source of Light for Unfolding Consciousness”, the magazine seeks out comprehensive information covering miracles; life-after-life discoveries; intuitive and creative endeavors; holistic lifestyles for personal and collective well-being; healthy food and nutrition articles and savory recipes; heartfelt healing stories; and evidence of angels—accounts of intervention from the heavenly realms.

Website: For more information, call 920-277-5003 or email [email protected].

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