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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Milwaukee Hypnosis & Wellness Center 
Expands Hypnosis Training

Jan 31, 2018 01:48PM

The MidAmerica Hypnosis & Mindset Training Center, a division of the Milwaukee Hypnosis & Wellness Center (MHWC), is currently offering certification and mindfulness training through in-person and online classes in a new, larger location: 15350 West National Avenue, Suite 120, in New Berlin.

Rick Paddock, MHWC founder and board-certified hypnotherapist, believes that therapists, healers and clients are quickly recognizing the need to release and reprogram unproductive subconscious habits. They often find that hypnotherapy is the fastest, longest-lasting way to achieve change. “Meditation and hypnosis have become ‘go-to’ methods for habit change for many years,” Paddock says. “As more people are seeking to harness their mind intentionally, the need is there for more meditation and hypnosis training.”

Paddock, a certified hypnotist and hypnosis instructor through the International Certification Board of Hypnotherapists, has authored three books and produced over 50 hypnosis and mindset training products in the behavior modification, performance enhancement and stress management fields.

For more information, call 414-939-6463, email [email protected] or visit

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