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October 2011 Publisher's Letter

In this month’s Men’s Wellness issue, we focus on the well-being of the men in our lives. In these pages you’ll find information and insights to help you realize ever more health, joy and abundant good living. 

Even though Natural Awakenings features a different theme each month, the first issue I ever picked up was the Madison edition’s men’s issue, so it holds special meaning for me. I remember that it was late at night when I drove up to a convenience store near the Wisconsin Dells. As I stood in line waiting to pay, I turned around and saw it sitting in pride of place by the door. It was love at first sight—I thought “Wow, what a great magazine, I wish we had this in Milwaukee!” I read my copy from cover to cover the next day, delighted to see an entire issue dedicated to men’s health and vitality.

Researchers in various fields are discovering that we may reduce, and even prevent, many prevailing diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s, through lifestyle modifications based on consciously choosing nutrition and exercise that support optimal health. This month we address this theme in “Dr. Oz’ 25 Greatest Men’s Health Tips” with practical and easy-to-follow steps for staying healthy.

Integrative physicians such as Dr. Oz are among those now recognizing that emotional, spiritual and mental health cannot be separated from physical health. We’re also learning that what men find healing can be very different from what women seek and it is important to honor these distinctions.

This month we also check in with author Russell Simmons. Following the release of his latest book earlier this year titled, Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All, he Twittered a simple question: “What would you do if you were super rich?”

Simmons was humbled and encouraged by the answers he received. Most expressed a compassion and commitment to service to others, he said, such as:

“I would rebuild Haiti.”

“I would buy an apartment building to give the homeless a second chance.”

“I would make sure low-income mothers would have affordable daycare.”

Few Tweeted that they would buy themselves a new car or a watch, take their dream vacation or even improve their house. Almost to a person, the responses put the needs of others first.

“The process of living in the cycle of giving is the thing that makes us happy,” advises this godfather of rap, who is also a long-time vegan, practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and believer in the philosophy of karma. Simmons discusses how every person’s road to enlightenment is paved with rich results in his interview with writer Bill Van Arsdale.

So guys, this month’s issue is especially for you. Our staff joins the women in your life in wishing for you all the joy of long, vibrant and happy lives.




Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher

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